Within – Without (Very Metal)

Jeff Bell


Friday, September 16, 2016 to Friday, October 7, 2016

In my work I focus on gathering preexisting objects, deconstructing them and then creating sculptures from those elements. The materials I work with come from everyday things, and my references are to other commonplace objects and to popular culture. Ultimately try to get at something new, but also something that reflects its previous language: a sculpture that at first glance reaffirms assumptions of everyday objects but at further examination resists those notions and lives outside of my understanding.

In this group, I focused on imagery and concepts that were important to me as a teenager. I explored objects that resonated with me at that age but now hold different meanings. Some things are obvious reference to real world structures, while others are less definable. By combining the recognizable with the fantastical I feel like I am able to get closer to examining my changing emotions, memory and thinking.

Jeff Bell was born in Goldsboro, NC. He received a BA in both Studio Art and Art History from UNC Wilmington. He earned an MFA in Studio Art from UNC Greensboro and has shown his art across the state and region. He has worked in a many local museums and is currently the Museum Manager at 21c Museum Hotel Durham.   Bell and Warren Hicks have created a podcast called “Don’t you Lie to Me”, which focuses on North Carolina art and artists. He lives in Smithfield, NC with his wife, Reagan, and sons, Finnegan and Teague.


Opening Reception

September 16, 2016

6-9 PM


Jeff Bell
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