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thoroughly known

libi rose striegl


March 21 – April 1, 2015

Thoroughly Known considers diagnosis, disorder, and mental health through experiments with language, paper, machine systems, and code.

The conferring of a disorder-label in the form of a mental illness diagnosis carries with it an expectation of certain observable behavioral signs.

(how often have i heard ‘you can’t possibly be x, you seem so y’)

Never mind that many who experience some form of mental illness spend a good deal of their time enacting a secondary counter-performance.

(there is always something i don’t understand or do wrong or communicate badly or forget or fail to grasp. at the same time, i am aware of every sound and sight and smell and touch, and they are all coming in with the same priority tags, all channels turned up to 11. i am easily tired and always frustrated, and i live in a state of constant hypervigilance as i navigate a world i am less well suited to than most).

This secondary performance is often meant to convey the perception of mental well-being and involves a sometimes extremely complex system of coping mechanisms carried out in order to pass as ‘neurotypical’.

(it doesn’t always work)

The label comes with an index of symptoms that should be fulfilled. The label and the symptoms are not always congruent, the experience of the diagnosed does not always align with the way the diagnosis dictates they ought to be performing or enacting the disorder.

(through the temporal, sculptural and interactive works making up Thoroughly Known
i am seeking to – speculatively, unrealistically, defiantly, subjectively, absurdly –
transform an index of disorders into an enactment of disorder.
by separating the words from their meanings, removing the signs from their signifieds,
conferring the diagnoses themselves onto their own paper body,
re-engineering them into entirely new descriptions, and disembodying them entirely;
i endeavor to symbolically re-center the focus of mental health
away from the endless, ever-changing series of labels)

libi rose striegl makes things that sometimes move and is currently making them in Durham, NC. libi holds a BA and BFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and this exhibition is part of the fulfillment of requirements for an MFA in the Experimental Documentary Arts program at Duke University.


Opening Reception

March 21, 2015

7-9 PM


libi striegl

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