Artist Talk, Vincent Romaniello


Artist Talk

Vincent Romaniello


Join us for a morning coffee talk with Vincent Romaniello about his experiments with meaning and message. We’ll have coffee and tea on hand with some yummy biscuits to share.

“Experimentation is key to my practice. New directions in my work come from observation of the world around me, both the macro and micro. Reading, research and the use of new materials and methods usually follow. I want my work to act as a trigger for questions and further thought.

This work is intended to raise questions about the media, public privacy, war and political polarization. At the same time, however, playful elements have been incorporated in the execution of some of the individual pieces.

The Village People represent different parts of the community as everyman and every woman participants. The policeman and the protester, the businessman and even pets. The windows of the cars and houses suggest transparent surfaces that we, and the woman in the shower, cannot hide behind. Other subjects open the scene up to various interpretations.

Since one gets only a thin surface of information through these barely three dimensional cardboard figures, the full story must be actively sought out by the viewers. Visitors activate and flesh out the drones and village people as they walk around them, and in our age of viral transmission of stories and events, they could opt to add their observations via shared links, tweets, status updates and the like. The notion of viewers’ contributions to both the media and the frenzy is incorporated by their presence, then made part of the exhibit.”


November 22, 2014

10 AM



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