Quiet Title, Alina Taalman
Quiet Title, Alina Taalman
Quiet Title, Alina Taalman
Quiet Title, Alina Taalman


Quiet Title

Alina Taalman


April 6 – April 18, 2015

A certain tract or parcel of land, with all buildings thereon,
situated Southerly of the Cemetery Road, in the town of Scotland…

When multiple parties claim ownership of land or property, it is said there are “clouds” on the title of the deed.
Like clouds on a title, our memories are full of ambiguities and lingering attachments.
The legal process for clearing clouds is referred to as a quiet title action.
During this process, the disputes of all the former inhabitants need to be voiced and addressed.

In a double exposure, time takes on a new dimension.
Between the moments that each image was taken, a third element of time exists as a trace of what happened in between.
As in memory, certain details are obscured and others are brought to the forefront, embedded in the grain.

Satellite sensors collect energy across a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum, and allow us to visualize the unseen. The superimposition of thermal and infrared energy along with the shorter wavelengths of the visible spectrum creates another form of double exposure.

In Quiet Title, the personal and the public archives are used to investigate a particular place across a continuum of time.

To all the people to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting.

Alina Taalman has a background in documentary film and cartography.
She is especially interested in stories of time and place.

This program is a part of the fulfillment for the Master of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts degree at Duke University.

Landsat Satellite data c/o U.S. Geological Survey




Closing Reception

April 18, 2015

7:30-10 PM

Screening: 9PM


Alina Taalman




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