Mattress Power

Charles Chace, Ginger Wagg, Jesse Paddock


August 19 – September 2, 2016

Join us on Third Friday, August 19 from 6-9PM for the opening reception of Mattress Power, a joint work from Charles Chace, Ginger Wagg and Jesse Paddock.
Mattress Power is a film and installation consisting of one room and eight mattresses subjected to a painting machine. Shot by Jesse Paddock, the film shows the painter Charles Chace as he tries to paint mattresses while laying on slats atop a three-walled room. At the same time, the dancer Ginger Wagg performs improvised movements within the open room. The film captures the crudity of Chace’s application techniques in collision with Wagg’s contingent, awkward motions. Among several techniques, Chace paints the mattresses and dancer by drilling holes in paint cans; affixes a paintbrush to a 10’ stick; drips paint by pouring it through baskets; and spills paint by stabbing cans with scissors and sticks. Besides paint, the mattress, as well as Wagg, collect additional detritus. For instance, Chace unfurls tape that has the cumulative effect of restricting Wagg’s movements. These chance encounters are caught in two shots by Paddock–one shot relies on a stationary camera positioned in front of the missing fourth wall; the other uses a handheld camera, which primarily assumes an aerial vantage point. In sum, Mattress Power demonstrates the in/animate struggle(s) that confounds the intention of the painter. As the film attests, the painter cannot control the appearance of the mattress. Furthermore, and despite the painter’s intentions, the room accidentally becomes a visually-stunning byproduct that outstrips the mattress. Finally, the dancer’s performance does not simply disrupt the painter’s control, but redirects attention and becomes a captivating element in its own right.
Charles Chace is artist and musician from Massachusetts who has exhibited in galleries in New York City, Miami and North Carolina. His recent works consist of a multimedia installation that included paper collage, video, and manipulatable noise machines. Other recent work includes a series of portrait paintings that Dave Bazan used for record covers. He also has an ongoing musical project under the moniker “The Paul Swest”.
Ginger Wagg is a dance artist focused on improvisation and multidisciplinary collaboration. Committed to bringing visibility to experimental performance, she seeks alternative venues and public spaces to investigate the roles and relationship of audience and performer. This includes, but is not limited to city streets, hillsides, public transportation, record shops, a bathroom, her home, rock clubs as well as anticipated galleries and theaters.
Her work has been presented at The Torus Building, (Durham, NC); The Carrack Modern Art (Durham, NC); Defibrillator Performance Gallery (Chicago, IL); Spare Room (Baltimore, MD); The National Building Museum as part of The Big Draw (Washington, DC); The Warehouse Gallery (Washington DC); and Meat Market Gallery as part of Performance Week 2008 (Washington, DC). Wagg is the recipient of two Young Emerging Artist Grants and received support through the New Media Grant Program from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. She is currently working on the creation of Wanna Feel the Heat, a live experiential installation, premiering in Fall 2016 in Durham, NC.
Jesse Paddock is a videographer and artist who works on various projects in the Triangle area.

Opening Reception

August 19, 2016

6-9 PM


Charles Chace
Ginger Wagg
Jesse Paddock



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