Ja-young Ku

(Real Time Real Place)
R.T.R.P.: Ja-young Ku
May 19 – May 27
Opening Reception: Third Friday, May 19, 2017. 6pm-9pm
SPECTRE Arts, Durham, NC
Please join SPECTRE Arts in welcoming Ja-Young Ku, visiting Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Duke University with R.T.R.P. Ku, professor at Konkuk University will be presenting live performances of his current work titled, R.T.R.P (Real time, real place). 
“If our only access to the real is through representation, then how can illusion disrupt and/or mediate the relationship between the real and representation. Limitless layers of simulation – cyberspace, digital communication, and even video games – seem to construct a separate reality, one that can be deceptive. Can one say which is real and which is not? What is the relationship between the real and its simulation? How do they inflect one to another? The relationship between the real and the illusory is rarely clear. This is the question that I am exploring and have dealt with in my video work.”
In this particular installation/performance, In this piece, Ku attempts to reflect the notion of ironic relationship between writing and erasing by conflating them in multiple layers of time. One layer of projection shows Ku writing a set of letters in the air at the entrance of the hallway in the gallery. In a second layer he traces the hand’s movement of the first image of himself. In a third layer, he writes the letters on the wall of the gallery while erasing the letters that are written by the third image of myself. Although each layer is created one after another, in actual performance, each action takes place simultaneously.
Ja-Young Ku explores the relationship between the real and the virtual along with time conception in interactive media environment. He has had solo exhibitions in Korea and the USA and has participated in group exhibitions throughout Asia, Europe and the USA including Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul, Queens Museum of Art in New York, and Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester among others. He lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, where he is Professor of Contemporary Art at Konkuk University.
Post Third Friday the gallery will be open to view the recorded installation.
For more information please email us at info@spectrearts.org

Opening Reception

May 19, 2017

6-9 PM


Jayoung Ku

Installation, Performance



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