How Many Licks


Join us for the one night performance/installation of How Many Licks at SPECTRE Arts. In this performance, the audience will act as participants asking you to examine the many interpretations of the dichotomy of language within self and the outside world.

How Many Licks uses Enrico Fermi’s theory of approximation to address the use of the phrase as a metaphor for the four year battle against Trump’s presidency pulling inspiration from the original advertisement of the Tootsie Roll Pop to Lil’ Kim’s lyrics from How Many Licks.

Engaging in the recorded event the audience will take a Tootsie Roll Pop and see how many licks it takes them to get to the center while listening to the lyrics of the song. The intent is to show how many people within the current night’s events are willing to participate in the uphill battle of the next four years, recognizing that with each lick there will be a day, a week or a year that will take more effort to reach the core.

January 20, 2017

6-9 PM


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