The Domestics & The Domicile

Katharine Whalen & Shawn Luby Pop UP!

Pop UP!
Music & Art

Join us for a fall pop up with Katharine Whalen and Shawn Luby. Two extraordinary musicians and creators who’ve  produced “The Domestics & The Domicile”. A homey, informal presentation of sculpture by Shawn Luby and photographs by Katharine Whalen.

Shawn Luby is the founder of the orchestral folk band, Humble Tripe. The Domicile marks Luby’s debut as a sculpture artist, and much like his musical creations, he uses a minimalist approach in his formation of fantastical life-like creatures. 

The series focuses on the possibility of anatomical balance using found metal and wood. “I think of my body as the original home, or domicile.  I’ve got a crooked spine, rotated hips, and a short and long leg, and I’ve always been obsessed with how my body compensates to create a balance within my asymmetry.”

Luby’s creation of bodies whose parts have been deemed broken and disposable results in an engaging commentary on the possibilities of home and balance in an ever expanding world of consumption and replacement.


“I am very excited to exhibit my photos in the pop-up show with Shawn Luby. We are musical comrades in a number of projects and putting our art together is a thrill! I work in numerous mediums as the muse strikes me, including millinery, water colors, poster art and very old oak!”


October 10, 2014

6 – 9 PM



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