Electric Slides #3

Electric Slides #3!

Electric Slides Round 3!

SPECTRE ARTS invites artists to present their work through Electric Slides, round 3! Are you ready for round #3 of fun time!

Alongside the opening release party of TABE by Rio Aubry Taylor we’ll be hosting our third round of electric slides with another eclectic lineup of artists from around town.

Bring family and friends for food, drink and fun while we give each artist 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes to get feedback from the audience.

The weather will be great so please bring your picnic blankets and get ready for smiles, laughter and discussion on art.

Electric Slides will give artists the opportunity to introduce their work to the SPECTRE Arts community on
Friday, March 18th from 8:00-9.

Each artist will have 5 minutes to present a maximum of 10 images and 5 minutes to answer questions and/or receive feedback. Audience participation is encouraged. Boogie-woogie is required.

March 18, 2016

8:00 PM



Maria Britton
Rusty Shackleford
Barbara Campbell Thomas
Christopher Thomas
Harriet Hoover

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