Earth is closed Everyone is Fired

Aaron Zalonis


February 17 – March 3, 2017


Join us for the Third Friday opening reception of Aaron Zalonis, Earth is Closed Everyone is Fired. The exhibition, on display from February 17 to March third features a collection of paintings in black and white which focus on the capers of man.

The paintings in this exhibition are mostly portraits of various kinds. I write and paint equally with my left and right hands as a way of getting beyond my pre-programmed thought patterns and into my inner caveman.

My earliest memories are of watching the Dadaist antics of Monty Python and Benny Hill late at night on PBS. At the time, these experiences felt like witnessing glitches in the Matrix or transmissions from an alien civilization. The paintings that make up this exhibition are cave paintings from another world. To me, humor is at it’s best when it’s frenzied, anomalous weirdness that makes you wake up laughing in the middle of the night.

I want to see the invisible things that surround you and me. Electromagnetic waves (the vast majority invisible) pulse around and through us at all times; radio, tv, gamma waves, weak signals from solar flares, visible light, infrared, distant transmissions from quasars and pulsars. The invisible forces of marketing, coercion, propaganda, inherited attitudes, robotic scripts playing out within us, subliminal messaging, the ingrained programming that we don’t realize is a part of us are also constantly flowing around and through us, becoming us as we unknowingly ingest them. Where do you and I begin and the voices of all these things end? When you clear away all the influence of everyone and everything else, what is left that is of ourselves?

Aaron Zalonis was born in Rochester, New York. He received a BA in Studio Art at Kent State University. He has worked at CAM Raleigh and is now currently working at The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. He lives in Raleigh, NC with his partner, Tajhia.


Opening Reception

February 17, 2017

6-9 PM

Aaron is on the web


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