Audio under the stars Pt. 3

Feast or Famine

Hosted by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Join us for this year’s final installment of our summer listening series, a free event where we use our ears to explore audio stories curated by local audiophiles.

This month’s theme is Feast or Famine: stories of abundance and need. How do you measure satisfaction? We’ll delve into obsessions and desires and explore what lies between necessity and excess.

Come rain or shine, we’ll be in the greenspace or gallery, featuring the “Rolling A(u)ction” exhibition.

Dang Good Dogs will be selling hot dogs, veggie dogs and other snacks and we’ll have beer and wine for sale inside. Blankets are available or you can bring a lawn chair if you like.



April 15, 2014

8 – 10 PM



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