A tangle of branches


Katie King


Opening Reception: March 16th, 2018. 6pm-9pm
Exhibition Dates: March 16 – March 24, 2017

A tangle of branches
A tangle of branches, Katie King
SPECTRE Arts, Durham, NC

A tangle of branches

A meditation on the private, the personal, and the human.

A tangle of bushes explores interiority and communication using mental health as lens and

landscape. In this multimedia installation, text, film, photographs, and audio combine to collapse

boundaries between interior selves and exterior lives.

“this shit is complex. please be patient.” – u/[redacted]

Katie King is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and installation artist deeply interested in personal, interior stories. Born and raised in middle Georgia, she nevertheless grew up in other worlds: Morrison’s, Atwood’s, Butler’s, Welty’s. Her artistic practice carries her through similar worlds, to a place of story and continual change, where narrative and documentary meet. Currently, and perhaps indefinitely, her work focuses on mental health, internality, and communication.

Opening Reception

March 16, 2018

6-9 PM


Katie King

Visual, Multimedia


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