2nd Annual 20 Buck Chuck, Dwight Morgan
2nd Annual 20 Buck Chuck, Bill Fick
2nd Annual 20 Buck Chuck, Justin Cook
2nd Annual 20 Buck Chuck, Skillet Gilmore


2nd Annual 20 Buck Chuck

Various Artists


December, 2014

The second annual 20 Buck Chuck show features additional artists this year and spans a range of artisan gifts to provide to your friends and family with the idea to give the gift of art.



Adam Peele, Allison Tierney, Ann Thaden, Anna Nickles, Anna Wallace, Bill Fick, Drew Robertson, Dwight Morgan, Erika Wilson, Harrison Haynes, Heather Gordon, Justin Cook, Martha Clipinger, Meredith Pittman, Rachel Goodwin, Sarah Almond, Stacey Kirby, Suzy Porterfield, Vincent Romaniello, Steve Oliva, Steven Walls, Jennifer Padilla, Marty Markel, Skillett Gilmore, Jeremy M. Lange, Ed Fendley, Bill Thelen, Indigo Envelope, Chris Williams, Jeff Bell, J.P. Trostle, Mary Carter-Taub.



Mixed Media





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